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For a while now, a group of enthusiast family members are putting together a family tree of the families Verkuil, Verkuijl, Verkuyl and so on...

It is about time to publish some of this work on the world wide web, so you also can enjoy this information


Please notice that the translation of these pages is a well meant attempt to write in English ! Some of the text of the full family tree is not even translated, but you will find lots of interesting text which is already translated!

If you have any suggestions about the text or translations on these pages, please send them to the webmaster.


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This genealogy was realised with efford of many volunteers, sometimes on request of the supervisor, but always without any personal interest, contributed to this research of genealogical data.


We own much acknowledgement to Ms Ger Jansen-Verkuijl, genealogyst, of Benthuizen (in those days Delft), whom af first publishd her records of the descent Verkuijl of the Land van Heusden en Altena.


Further we acknowledge Jasper Verkuil, since 1967 -our promotor – of Vlaardingen, who has been able to visit many archives. Jasper deceased on the 17th of November 2008

We owe a lot of gratitude to both Bert Verkuil and Arie Verkuil Zenger Jasper For their endless effords of gathering information and reaching out to contacts at home and abroad


Thank you to all who has contributed!:


Eimert van der Beek

Jan van den Bergh, Oldenzaal

Alie Beulink-Roodnat, Papendrecht

Christien Boerma, Zevenaar

Bastiana Bouwman-Vos, Alblasserdam

Diederik ten Cate, Capelle aan den IJssel

Guus en Grť(+)van Dongen-Verkuil, Capelle aan den IJssel

Marco van den Heuvel, Hoofddorp

Sjane Hoogendijk-Vos, Alblasserdam

Cocky Jansen-Verkuyl, Bennebroek

IJvonne Lenders,'s-Gravenhage

Bas Lissenburg, Sliedrecht

Grť Meeldijk-Bussink, Dordrecht

Leenke Meines, Hoogland

Lenie Monkhorst-Verkuil, Amersfoort

Jan Ravesloot, Haarlem

Cor de Rooij, Harderwijk

Arie Jan Sassen

Peter Schell, Hoogvliet

Willy Schell-Kuus, De Bilt

Lien Schilthuis-Verkuil, Groningen

Arend en Esther Toxopeus, Zoutkamp

Bert de Vaan, Waalwijk

Anne Verkuijl, Zeewolde

Anton Verkuijl, Westervoort

Chris(tiaan) Verkuijl, Hoofddorp

Dick Verkuijl, Alphen aan den Rijn

Douwe Verkuijl, Driebergen-Rijsenburg

Grietie Verkuijl-Slegers, Westzaan.

Marga Verkuijl, Groningen

Arie Verkuil-Zenger, Niederlenz, Zwitserland

Cees Verkuil, Goes

Doug Verkuil, California,  USA.

Henk Verkuil, Bussum

James Verkuil, Ojai, California,USA

Marinus Verkuil, Groningen

Nancy Fox Martin-Verkuil, New York, USA

Ton Verkuil, Hoogvliet

Antoinette Verkuyl-Hoogerheide, Tres Arroyos, ArgentiniŽ

Christian Verkuyl, Tres Arroyos, ArgentiniŽ

Eva Verkuyl, Ermelo

Kees Verkuyl, Zevenaar

Martin Verkuyl, Ontario, Canada

Reng Verkuyl, Nieuw-Vennep

Robert Verkuyl, Pretoria, RSA

Wietske Verkuyl, Harderwijk

Wim Verkuyl, Somerset West, Zuid -Afrika

Chris en Leny Verstraete-Verkuil, Hoogeveen

Anton en Hendri Vos

Wim en Tiny Vos, Ideefeld, Manitoba, Canada

Fred Wensveen, Zevenaar

Hendrik Willemse

Rijk Willemse, e.v.a. –onder supervisie van Bert Verkuil, Hilversum.

(If we forgot to mention any name, please feel free to report this to Bert Verkuil (see CONTACT page) ).



Realization of this website:

Supported by our genealogical enthousiast-groep Verkuijl/Verkuil/Verkuyl, :

Arie Verkuil-Zenger, foreign contacts,

Bert Verkuil, Hilversum, domestic contacts.

Cees Verkuil, Goes, supervision and domestic contacts .

Cor de Rooij, Harderwijk, pro-gen specialist, deceased on the 10th of August 2011.

Jasper Verkuil, Vlaardingen, promotor, deceased on the 17th of November 2008.

Marinus Verkuil, Groningen.

Jasper Verkuil, Oost-Souburg, Webmaster



Archives visited and consulted:

Historisch Centrum Overijssel te Zwolle.

Gelders archief te Arnhem.

Streekarchief Bommelerwaard te Zaltbommel.

Het Utrechts Archief.

Archiefdienst voor Kennemerland te Haarlem.

Gemeentearchief Amsterdam.

Gemeentearchief Haarlemmermeer te Hoofddorp.

Streekarchivaat Amstelveen e.o.

Streekarchief voor ’t Gooi en Vechtstreek te Hilversum.

Centraal bureau voor genealogie te Den Haag.

Nationaal-archief  te ’s-Gravenhage.

Regionaal Historisch Centrum Delft.

Gemeentearchief ’s-Gravenhage.

Stadsarchief Dordrecht e.o.

Regionaal Archief Leiden.

Gemeentearchief Rotterdam.

Stadsarchief Vlaardingen.

Streekarchief Midden-Holland te Gouda.

Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum (BHIC) te ’s-Hertogenbosch.

Streekarchief Land van Heusden en Altena te Heusden.

Regionaalarchief Tilburg.

Regionaal Archief West Brabant  te Oudenbosch.


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